Tips For Advertising On Facebook

Everyone knows that Facebook is the big player when it comes to social media and that it is “important to be on Facebook”, but what that means and how to properly use Facebook (among other social platforms) can vary greatly.

Engaging Content Is King

As a business, it’s hard sometimes to think how a funny dog video relates to offering dental work, but time after time we have seen that more engaging content results in better results: post or ads. Facebook tries to follow the same theory that has made Google so popular; serve the user and the money will follow. It is paramount to Facebook’s business that users continue to spend time and visit the platform and to entice them, Facebook does its best to send relevant content to each user. If your post or ad is engaged with by your audience more often, it will also be seen by more people.

Because of this, I highly recommend all businesses try to follow a 3:1 rule when posting on Facebook or any social media. For every promotional post asking people to call you or go to your website, post three more that are simply engaging posts without asking for them to do something. Before anyone sees the post, Facebook can tell the difference between a promotional or regular post based on the content. Don’t be afraid to allow your Facebook page to have some personality.

Create Multiple Ad Sets For Each Campaign

I wanted to talk about this, because it is one of the most common mistakes made when running ads. Similar to Facebook allowing more people to see engaging content, ads that have more engagement will also perform better. Over time, Facebook will learn which of your ads will do the best and who will respond to them the most. You want to take advantage of this. If your campaign now will have the same objective and audience in six months or even three months, create all of the ad sets under the same campaign. By doing this, the ads starting in June are using what Facebook already learned from your audience in January instead of starting from square one. In addition to this, you have more ads for optimization allowing you to hone in on the ad that will give you the best cost per acquisition.

Use Multiple Placements and Audiences            

People naturally think that the more specific you are with targeting, the better result you will yield. This is not always the case and more often is not. For those of you that don’t know, Facebook owns Instagram which means if your business is on Instagram, then you can utilize this additional placement.

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