Best and Worst 2024 Super Bowl Commercials Ranked

Best and Worst 2024 Super Bowl Commercials Ranked

With an expected 110 million planned viewers for 2024, the Super Bowl has reigned as the most-watched sporting event in the United States. However, if you’re like us, the championship football game isn’t the only thing you’re excited for. Whether you’re a marketer or not, Super Bowl commercials have historically been a proving ground for creative work by national brands, and the 2024 Super Bowl commercials were no different. 

Having a passion for creative marketing and thoughtful video marketing strategy, the team here at Marketing Qubed have reviewed and ranked the 2024 Super Bowl commercials. While our approach as a marketing agency is usually where data meets the human element, this ranking is instead based on creativity, communication, and brand positioning. Traditional media, like TV commercials, have historically relied on creativity, so we wanted to give this ranking that same room to breathe. 

Here’s our ranking of the Best and Worst 2024 Super Bowl Commercials:

This ad with Ice Spice breaking up with her ex soda just missed the mark for us. While the 2D animation and voice acting were very well done and felt like they were native to the scene, the ad as a whole just didn’t connect. This was a not-so-subtle dig at long standing lemon-lime pop (yes, pop because we are from Michigan) brands like Sprite, but without any juice behind it. Entering a market which is fairly well dominated by long-standing products with a competing, new brand is a bold move for PepsiCo, we just wish their ad reflected that boldness.

Uber Eats knows one of their greatest opportunities is a consumer’s forgetfulness. Even though they doubled down on the star power and played off the popularity of 90s sitcom “Friends”, this ad forgot to connect with the audience. We liked the concept, which was entertaining and could be presented in multiple ways, as they did. However, when it came to connecting, especially with that many celebrities, this just didn’t land.

The Coors Light train has been featured in several Coors Light ads over the years and the revival at the 2024 Super Bowl was breaking a 12-year freeze. The start of this ad did a great job connecting with the audience by sharing an anxiety-inducing experience many of us have faced; meeting your significant other’s parents. Additionally, the editing and VFX were visually captivating, but the overall ad wasn’t particularly entertaining. We had some speculation if LL Cool J’s experience on Soul Train was a factor in his casting or if he is just super cool. Fun fact: the 100 CGI passengers on the train included celebrities and winners of a recent contest by Coors Light. Extra points from the team for creating some sizzle around a chill ad.

Snapchat really pushed to separate themselves in the ever-growing sea of social media and instead create an identity for themselves. This ad delivered on that goal. The simple, yet creative way of calling out toxic cultures cultivated by social media, followed by offering a more human solution in a safe space made the message loud and clear. The creative people on the Marketing Qubed team certainly had more of an appreciation for this ad. And if you’re thinking football fans may be the wrong audience for this message, our team will remind you of all the Swifties who watched the 2024 Super Bowl.

BMW’s message in this ad was to not accept imitations with one of the most imitated celebrities of all time. The fun ad filled with people imitating Christopher Walken was a breath of fresh air from the typical car commercial focused on driving on a rainy road or through a sand dune. Instead, the car itself took the back seat while the growing irritation from multiple imitations took the foreground. Despite this change of focus, we are happy to see the branding in the creative was not compromised and they pulled off entertaining without shifting their brand positioning.

If football has a different meaning for you, this ad likely resonated well. Avid soccer fans will recognize a few faces in this spontaneous beach game, and possibly even a face from recent hit Apple TV show, “Ted Lasso”. While some of the CGI looked a bit rough, watching Messi’s footwork up close was fairly entertaining, even for non-fans. With the FIFA World cup boasting as the top watched sporting event in the world, this ad did well with being both memorable and clean branding.

Real estate company CoStar Group, which owns both and, invested about $35 million to just get the time slots for the 2024 Super Bowl. With multiple brands and ads that played, we picked our favorite to review. This ad was super entertaining and memorable from both the shock value and the delivery by Dan Levy. Where we lost our suspension of disbelief was at the massive champagne bottle popping through the window.

It would be remiss of us as a marketing agency to not call out the lack of a solid message. The branding was there, the entertainment was great, but nothing impacted our view of the brand position nor invoked emotion beyond the surface. For one of the more expensive ad buys at the game, was this a good use of budget?

FanDuel has been hyping up a special event for sports betting called the Kick of Destiny long before game day. While this ad wasn’t impressively comical, it made it this far up the ranking because of the planning that went into it. The Kick Of Destiny was aired live just before the start of the Super Bowl, and yet FanDuel ran an ad featuring the kick and John Cena’s reaction within a few hours. This means they would have had to film both a positive and negative outcome ad beforehand, then the day of the Super Bowl, they had to add the video elements of the live kick to the ad and get it to the media outlet in a short time. The intricate planning coupled with creating a story that spans more than just the day leads to an innovative delivery us marketers enjoy.

This ad for popular online marketplace Etsy had us genuinely laughing followed by questioning if this was okay. This connection with the audience over the feeling of stress caused by reciprocal gifts was creative, but at the expense of stereotyping an entire nation. While this ad was genuinely funny and produced well, it didn’t do the brand justice in showing a variety of items that could be found on Etsy.

Hellmann’s commercial in the 2024 Super Bowl was about middle of the road for us. The branding was very strong, it was very entertaining, but the brand positioning and overall message was lacking. Thankfully they made a wise move casting Kate McKinnon for this role as we believe she is the only person who could have pulled it off with that level of entertainment.

Unexpectedly, Pluto’s ad was actually pretty good. It certainly was memorable and entertaining to see a riff off of the classic food brand approach and repurpose it for a streaming platform. Even though the couch potato costumes seemed a bit cheesy, Pluto ran with it and delivered good branding, message, and entertainment.

Relying on a decent amount of star power, Verizon’s ad was well timed with Beyoncé’s announcement for a new country album. The ad itself relayed the reliable service Verizon offers through a series of more and more extreme attempts by Beyoncé to “break” the internet. This brand positioning is one that Verizon has owned for some time and continues to communicate as new products arrive. Branding, message, and entertainment were all here in good showing. Plus, come on, it’s Beyoncé.

The Budwiser and Bud Light brands from the Anheuser-Busch family have traditionally been their stars when it comes to creative advertising. With both music and sports celebrities and a variety of entertaining wishes being granted, Bud Light does not disappoint. As usual, the level of branding is solid and the creative is so entertaining the message of “having a good time” almost creeps in undetected naturally.

Tech giant, Microsoft, introduces a new AI product called Copilot in this down to earth ad about breaking barriers. This ad gives the audience belief in doing the impossible and surpassing limitations through an everyday AI assistant. AI has been a hot topic and somewhat controversial in recent years, but this ad addresses that as it focuses on inspiring people to do more. Microsoft’s brand positioning for Copilot was as an accessible tool that makes more possible. This really stood out from the sea of celebrity-infused, comical ads we see at the Super Bowl.

Doritos has some of our all-time favorite Super Bowl ads under their belt, so it’s no surprise they are this high in the ranking. The ad promotes a new Doriot variety, Dinamita, through what can only be described as well choreographed brand entertainment. Chasing for the last bag, this ad makes the new name clear while demanding the attention of anyone in the room. It is exciting, cute, funny, and very well done.

Another celebrity infused ad, e.l.f. makes a subtle jab at the competition with very relevant messaging for the current climate. Focused on cost-savings and cruelty free, the cosmetic line takes a cheeky approach to the creative. Branding, message, and entertainment are all there.

Aubrey Plaza in this ad is what made it so high on the list. Her dry delivery made each scenario more and more comical from the every day to the extreme. The message of enjoying a satisfying beverage even if you are not enjoying the moment was conveyed with ease. Then seeing a long-time co-star from popular sitcom “Parks and Recreation” just put it over the top for us.

While maybe not the most creative, the ad absolutely created comedy out of chaos. This ad didn’t just demand the attention of the room, it also rewarded those who were watching closely. As the overly enthusiastic crowd ping-ponged between ecstatic and furious, the chaos in the scene had as many different progressions to watch as a “spot the difference” game. This ad got more than a few laughs as it quickly progressed. This has a solid amount of good branding and entertainment.

State Farm made a play for a satire on the action-packed blockbusters we would often see Arnold Schwarzenegger in. The ad is very entertaining and makes a point of being comical, but why we love this ad for the branding genius. By calling out the incorrect pronunciation of the company slogan, the ad creates the opportunity to click the part of your brain that identifies when something is off so that you pay attention to their slogan. This is 90 seconds of intense repeated branding that feels like entertainment.

This fan favorite ad with Ken Jeong hypes up a new offering by Popeyes. The energy and concept of this ad make it memorable, entertaining and effective. The branding was absolutely on point and the positioning made new food feel like a big deal. Ken’s acting style turned this comical ad into one of the best shown at the 2024 Super Bowl.

If you are looking for star power, this ad for Dunkin’ is absolutely packed. With a series of Dunkin’ ads featuring Ben Affleck predating this one, it was good to see him joined by other celebrities in a lighthearted environment. This ad makes it so high on the list because of how entertaining and funny it was. The costuming and script could have carried it alone, but with the addition of so many celebrities, it has our attention.

Google does an amazing job at positioning their brand as helping real people with everyday life. In this ad they continue that theme and make the product secondary to the problem it solves. Even more so, this heartfelt ad tells a beautiful story, which immediately connects with the human side of us. The creative here gives the audience an experience that leaves a lasting impression. The branding happens, the product is show, but most importantly, the ad connects on a deeper level.

We’ve already pointed out how deeply entrenched long-time pop brands are in the market. To make it this high on the list, Poppi had to do several things very well, but we love the ad for the brand positioning. Visually the aesthetics of the ad were very creative and supported their message.The ad itself was made very well and stuck to a retro theme when pop became popular. By doing so, the message of “the future of soda” was a call for genesis and to return to the boom of pop, but under new circumstances. In the current consumer climate demanding more clean, green, and viable options, Poppi answers the call to fill this void.

This ad was a match made in heaven. This is the creative masterpiece of comedy for the 2024 Super Bowl. We can’t describe how funny it is because we were literally laughing out loud way too hard, even the next day. All we can say about this super meta ad is “bravo”.

Overall, we found brands kept true to the entertainment value that has become expected from Super Bowl Commercials. Additionally, the amount of sheer star power that was displayed in the 2024 Super Bowl Commercials felt significantly higher than in prior years. Beyond that, we loved the trend of using celebrities who have an either on-screen or off-screen relationship with each other. It brought authenticity and relatable connections to the ads.


While we didn’t rank all of the commercials played during the 2024 Super Bowl, these are the ones we felt strongest about. If you’d rank them differently, we’d love to hear about it!

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