How to Use Storytelling in Marketing

What is Storytelling in Marketing and How Can You Use Storytelling Marketing for Your Brand What is Storytelling Marketing? Storytelling itself for ages has been

Best and Worst 2024 Super Bowl Commercials

Best and Worst 2024 Super Bowl Commercials Ranked

Having a passion for creative marketing and thoughtful video marketing strategy, the team here at Marketing Qubed have reviewed and ranked the 2024 Super Bowl commercials. While our approach as a marketing agency is usually where data meets the human element, this ranking is instead based on creativity, communication, and brand positioning. Traditional media, like TV commercials, have historically relied on creativity, so we wanted to give this ranking that same room to breathe.

Here’s our ranking of the Best and Worst 2024 Super Bowl Commercials.

Marketing Qubed 2023 FinTech Award Winner

Marketing Qubed Named “Best Brand Strategy” by FinTech Award

Detroit is a city where hard work is rewarded. Where change is embraced and risks are the stepping stones to opportunity. Taking strides as a fast-growing digital marketing agency in the Detroit area, Marketing Qubed was named “Best Brand Strategy Digital Marketing Agency” in the 2023 FinTech Awards.

Marketing Qubed Named “Best Emerging Institutional Digital Marketing Agency”

Detroit, as a region, has proven to be full of opportunity for those who hustle and take risks by being a catalyst for change. A relatively young digital marketing agency based in Royal Oak, Marketing Qubed, met this challenge and was recognized on a national level. Awarded by Wealth & Finance International, Marketing Qubed was named “Best Emerging Institutional Digital Marketing Agency” in the 2022 FinTech Awards. 

How To Secure A Hacked Business Facebook Ad Manager

With the collection of first-party data such as email addresses, contact information and sometimes more personal information, cybersecurity is a common concern for businesses of all sizes. While most businesses have security measures in place through the business, your Business Facebook accounts can easily be hacked through employees’ personal Facebook accounts. If your Business Facebook accounts have been compromised, you’re in the right place to learn how to secure a hacked business Facebook account and ad manager. 

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